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Black water

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Has anybody hunted section A in Blackwater? I am going Saturday and i am wondering if I am wasting my time. Never been in that part.
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I'll be in sec.D on Fri.......Hopefully wackin & stackin guttin & draggin!!
Good luck. I am going to try and do the same. I got a nice 5 point Sika there a couple of years ago.
Is it mostly whitetail or sika? Swamp or dry? I can't wait till Saturday
Its BLACKWATER............Thick,swampy,FLAT,FLAT,FLAT and should have Deer-a-plenty of both species.
I have hunted there for 3 years and the only Whitetail I see is on my drive in. I like the taste of Sika better so I'm not complaining. Every where I have hunted has been water. I was just thinking there must be some dry hunting there somewhere. Don't whitetail prefer dry land over swamp?
In southern Dorchester Co. if the whitetails dont like to get their feet wet then they would have to move north a good bit.......well we have plently of both so they must not mind.

Locate some decent hardwoods on the edge of the phragmites (sp?) or reeds. Both whitetail and sika should overlap in those areas. The whitetail will cross more water than you think in order to get to the high and dry spots that are dotted around the area. Look for whitetail beds and droppings as you move around to get an idea of the areas they are using in your zone
I was in section U tonite. It was my first time in that area and getting late so I did not go real deep. I was bowhunting but also scouting for muzzleloader on Saturday. Stags were bugling, probably heard ten or so and some very close. I had three whitetail bucks come in as a group. They were all smallish rack and I have no interest in WT when I'm down there. I have been hunting some other public spots down that way and I wish I had been hunting blackwater more. Its 15 minutes from the office so i'll likely be back tomorrow nite for one more try with the stick and string.
Looks like not only swamp water but rain to deal with to.[sad]
Make sure you have hip boots it has been very wet in almost every area, I think sat is muzzleloader day.
Friday and Saturday are muzzleloader days for blackwater. Applicants can hunt 1 of the two days by lottery. I was drawn for Saturday but shot a sika doe on public land so i'm done for the early split on sika. Snapped a 209 primer at a sika stag at 7:15 am. Gun did not fire. worked fine on the doe though.
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