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After spending three days mating for jake with ben during the rockfish shootout I finally got back into the Capt's chair to run the big boat foar a half day charter. We headed out a little later than normal to accomidate the late bite and to let the winds chill out a bit so we wouldn't get beaten around in the trough. Our party consisted of some the guys that run cut 'em films a primarly hunter driven group but today was their day to dicover what va beach had to offer in the fishing deprtment. We headed out to come to a spot that i was marking halfway decent way for everyone and we quickly pulled a 30 lb rockfish out and then the bait went east so we ran to the cape to fish an got on a 25 lb fish then the fleet started to swarm and we started to get a slow but steady pic till around 12 when we ran out of the fleet to find some more open water and we found it as we made a circle all the lines came tight and we put the guys to work crankin!! after a hot second we limited with a 6 man limit and headed back with nothing but smile in the pit!! jared (my mate) and also the capt of the hold fast outta taylors staied busy keepin smiles on their faces and fish swingin abourd ...thanks jared, hopefull he will have some pic here soon

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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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