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Between work and social schedule - hardly enough time to go fishing :devil2:. Managed to wrap up work around noon so had TFers Genie ( Gene ) and REM1224 ( Ralph ) met me at Sandy Point at 1:45. I needed to be home around 7:30 or so but hoped 5 hours was enough time to find some fish.

Water was flat smooth as we looked for Spot south of the bridge. New finder is awesome but still trying to figure it all out. Saw nice " blips " tight to bottom in 19 feet so dropped anchor and we sent over bloodworms. Got a few Perch but then began to pick away at Spot. Gene had the right touch - got two double headers. These guys have fished with me before and we joked the Spot were " too big ". They were 8-10 inchers - one or two might have been near 11 but all went into live well.

I had work related calls coming in :censored: but the guys picked up my slack by dropping Spot in the well. Current was outgoing but nearing slack. We hoped we had enough Spot - we used up 90 minutes of our time already.

Flat seas let us run 30 knots and soon we were on east side - looking for fish. Found what we hoped were Rock and noticed current had already turned to incoming. Full moon often means stronger currents and not much slack. We set up in 25 feet and got hit almost right away. Ralph put a nice 32 in the box and I followed with a 25 incher.

A passing charter saw us net the second fish and dropped their anchor about 100 feet off our bow ?????? Their crew tried to live line but current took their Spot close to our anchor. No idea what the captain thought - but they soon gave up and left.

Gene got next one - about 31 incher. We had three in cooler and then had another one - about 26 inches. This " little " Rock took one of the biggest Spot we had - trick was to let the fish hit until it ran off at good pace.

I was reeling in a Spot to put a new one on and right at stern - a 25 incher grabbed the Spot. Luckily I was able to drop rod tip and open bail - after 5 count - set the hook and number 5 was on ice.

We were down to just a few Spot and although they got hit - we did not get number six to finish a limit. No reason to complain though - we had a great time and seas stayed flat the entire time.

Ran back and crossed paths with friend from Deale - they had fished well north of us - but did good. Not a good sign when charters are running 25 miles in summer.

Got back to ramp and took couple photos - then headed home.

Only 1/2 hour late but still got to the bar in time to enjoy the band's first song.

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Nothing like live lining for 30 + inch summa time stripers with spinning gear. Good to see some smaller pan sized mid 20 inchers in the mix too. That's the biggest smile I've ever seen on your face Genie. You guys had a good day. All clean looking fish to.
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