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Bluewater 2350

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I am strongly considering placing an order for a Bluewater 2350,and would like to hear from current and former owners. I currently have a Parker 21SE. Your thoughts would be most appreciated.
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Two of my fishing buddies are proud owners of Bluewater 2350's here in Virginia and we routinely fish 60-70 miles off our coast during the year. I have forwarded your thread to them for their input. Good luck with your decision. It's a fishing machine!

Dave W.

I'm one of the guys Dave W. was talking about. I've had a few issues with my 2350 but overall am satisfied.

I think the bracket sits a little low on the transom and is awash whenever I am not running...different than on other bracketed boats. As a result, the engine cowling gets wetter than I'd like when trolling. It also has a port list when running supposedly due to the deep vee hull and prop torque. I correct it easily with the trim tabs (which are undersized if you check the Bennett website). I wouldn't rig it with a Yamaha 250HPDI again although I've had less problems than others on this board with this engine. I'd also research the rigging instructions for whatever engine I chose and make sure Paul's crew followed them. There are some nits and nats of rigging that are important.

Good luck with the boat. I get compliments on the ride of my boat all the time.


My Dad is the other owner that Dave mentioned. We love the boat. We have found a few minor defects with the boat, but none major. If we were in the market for a new boat, I know for sure Bluewater would be on the short list of boats to be viewed. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. If you want a test ride let me know and we can make arrangements.

I have met Paul and Karen at boat shows, and they are first clas folks. I would feel very comfortable buying a Bluewater. If looking at tough offshore FL built boats, check out Cape Horn too.
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