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We were stopped from going through the C&D today due to an overturned vessel.

USCG reported 1 fatality and 1 lost. 2 recovered that survived.

This was the report we got via VHF at 2000 on 16 July.

Keep an eye out as you transit C&D to Delaware or Chesapeake.

It happened around 1900 around Chesapeake City. I got a look at the vessel and the vessel appeared to be 35-38 ft pleasure boat (cabin Cruiser.

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They were anchored from the sten and got thrown out.

News from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.
July 18, 2006
Volume 36, Number 232

Contact: Chief James Graybeal, Fish and Wildlife Enforcement, phone: (302)
739-9913 or Joanna Wilson, Public Affairs, phone: (302) 739-9902

Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Team Recovers Body from C&D Canal

A body was recovered from the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal at approximately
8:45 a.m. this morning by Division of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement and has been turned over to the State Medical Examiners Office for identification.

The body was found as Fish and Wildlife Enforcement officers were searching for a boater missing since an accident on the canal Sunday evening. Investigation into the accident is continuing, according to Lt.
David Blaasch of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement.

The investigation, which also involved the Delaware State Police, indicates that a 20-foot Cruise Craft had left New Jersey Sunday en route to Chesapeake City, Md., with three people aboard Stewart and boat owner Ernestine F. Robbins, 36, and passenger Robert D. Lovett, 32, both of Woodstown, N.J.

They stopped the boat at the fishing pier approximately one mile west of Summit Bridge, anchoring the boat from the stern. Shortly thereafter, the vessel capsized, throwing its occupants, who were not wearing lifejackets, into the water. Robbins and Lovett were pulled from the water soon after the accident by a passing boater, but Stewart was last seen trying to swim.

The only safe way to anchor a boat is from the bow, Lt. Blaasch said, noting its a matter of balance, with most boats designed with their weight in the rear. Once you anchor from the stern, youre susceptible to wakes and currents and youre likely to take on water or capsize.
Lifejackets, though not required to be worn by adults in Delaware waters, are strongly recommended, he added.

Robbins was cited by Fish and Wildlife Enforcement for negligent operation for anchoring from the stern in a shipping lane, Lt. Blaasch said. Its not safe to anchor in a shipping lane, he added.
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