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Boat Restore Project

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What do you guys think? This took two and one half years. It's a little long so go to the right of the page and change speed to fast.------- How many marine engines have you REALLY looked at? Can you spot the extra brand new water pump belt around the front engine mount? This belt can only be replaced with the engine up off the front motor mount, all the straight 4/6's have the identical configuration. The next time you have to replace this belt, do yourself a huge favor and zip the extra in there. If it goes @ sea, just remove the 2 alternator bolts and you are back in business. Lift the engine later!! ;)

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Nice job!
You've put a lot of life back into that hull. Alot cheaper and probably better built than what you would get from some of the builders out there today.
Good Job, thanks for the play by play slide show.
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