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Boater's World has 330 penn's with rod AND spooled with line for $89.

Someone was selling Pinnacle Power Tip Pro 6'6'' MH one piece rods for $15. We bought 3 of them. He may be sold out after today.

Also, I was speaking to a dealer today about my motor (yamaha 200 ox66) and we were discussing e-10 and Startron. Although he felt Startron was a good product; he is recommending the newer marine Stabil (blue formula) to his customers. He feels it has more lubrication effect then Startron. He thinks it will assist keeping things like the oil pump working properly. This may be true/ or not. I just wanted to pass it along.

Not many people there, go have some fun!!!! 5th (Marty)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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