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Body found @ Deep Bottom

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Doesn't say if it was on land or at the shore or in the water:

Henrico police are trying to identify a body pulled from the James River Sunday (1/4) afternoon. The remains were discovered by fishermen who were preparing to launch their boat at the Deep Bottom boat landing near the New Kent County line.

Investigators say that boat ramp isn't used much during the winter months, and they aren't sure how long the body had been there. The body has been taken to the Medical Examiner's office for identification, and to determine a cause of death.

Every time I fish the James I look up on shore .... It honestly wouldn't surprise me.
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Just read a post from someone somewhere else that says there's some funny business involved with that body...definitely not a drowning.

Uh oh.
About 3 pm Sunday.....as I came down the hill there was a Henrico Cop car setting there, he didnt stop K~61 and I. We were just going to pull threw the loop and look around. As we approached the launch there were a water rescue unit,a coastie in flateable and 8 other Henrico cop cars......the one that stopped us and made me back all the way up the hill because I may destroy evidence if I turned around in the grass. he said the whole area was a crime scene -
That's terrible. Well Jamie, where's the fishing report? Most of your reports have you launching from Jordon Point.
well most are - then some are from Hopewell city marina.....as stated we didnt pull into DEEP BOTTOM until 3 pm......we were just being nosey and wanted to see "who" was there and may have been taking out their boat just before sunset.....no one was of course because of the crime scene......we started at 9 am and yes we did what we set out to do that day.....it was not a 60 pounder but you could still say "mission accomplished" !!
I was out dropping off flyers for The Catfish Nation Tournaments and was going to stop in there and like you said just see what was happening. It would have been around 12:30 or 1. Now Im glad I didnt.
"mission accomplished"

Had a good time no fish tales to tell. But fish arent always needed to have fun with friends. Next time we go And hang out lets do it some where safe. Oh well guess we should try to hit the water soon so we can give them something to talk about huh? I have an idea put together an all female charter trip and we can all pose with ONLY our catch of the day :D. Might make for interesting reading.
But fish arent always needed to have fun with friends.

YOU ARE A JINX.....the black cloud follows you everywhere you go.....YOU ARE CUT OFF HO !

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racn35- nice picture, I can relate to that one! Exceptionally great sweatshirt, if I say so myself.
Hey that looks like the one I caught up at Coles Point years ago.
Had a big oyster toad on the other hook of the 2 wire rig.Was a long time before I lived that one down.
where's the story about a dead body?
Didn't see a story in any papers but it was in TV News about a month ago.No update or follow up since.
The guy that was shot and dumped at Deep Bottom was from Hampton Roads area. It appears to be a drug related issue. That's about all I can say about it.

On a different note: anyone wondering about KM being down please contact me via PM.
I noticed that a few days ago, just checked - yep still down.......I bet you are going threw withdrawls
.I bet you are going threw withdrawls
Well, it would be nice to know who else is going to be out there this weekend.. but I came up with a solution to the problem. :thumbup:

KM should be up sometime today is the word I'm getting.

YOU cut me off!!!!!!!!!!! never. Well I am beginning to believe that, haven't seen you since Deep Bottom. Oh well I still Love ya. Congrats on your fishing award tonight. I am sorry that I couldn't work it out to see the presentation. I am proud of you. I am doing the Polar Plunge in the am and then Hangin in Va Beach all day I will call and maybe you can buy me Pizza. Once again CONGRADULATIONS. Tell her to take some pics and send them to me. Later Later. :clapping2::clapping2::clapping2::clapping2:
Oh Yeah

I cured that black cloud. tell you how later :cool2:
Glad you got to see me again last night ! YOUR WELCOME......hang'n out on the back of a charter boat,tied to the dock ~ The pizza was hot and the beer was cold.......
we are getting way too old !

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Was good to see you too. Lets just say it was great to finally make it home last night. I had a great weekend at VB. The polar plunge and the worth while causes were a lot of fun. Wish more people took interests in causes like that. Learned I shouldn't mix business and pleasure on weekends. Good thing that my clients are friends of mine. Anyway I had fun hanging out with you and Nick last nite it was a relaxing. Pizza was great No beer. Took some awesome sunset picture off the back of the charter boat. You are NOT RIGHT but then that is what makes you you. Enjoy this week sorry I can't make it Wednesday gonna be a great day on the James.
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