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Some nice stuff still left (Ellicott City Store). Bought two sit-in kayaks for me and Weezy. A 10' Perception Prodigee and a 12' Mainstream Patriot also bought a paddle (have one already from a canoe I use like a kayak).

Alot of sit-on-tops as well. Other stuff like camos, boots, sleeping bags camping stuff clothes for men and women and kids (kids camo) and some B/G/K Scouts stuff.

The sales manager at Sunnys was very helpfull. A hardcore kayaker herslf, she lives on the back or middle river and launches from her backyard (must be nice).

I had done some research and spoke with sit on top fisherfolk.

My wife and I rented sit ins in florida and liked them.

We will paddle on resiv., rivers and the harbor /Patapsco ponds and take them with us places (eastern shore, etc).

The Mainstream has a pair of molded in rod holders and thwo rod holder side bungies. It als has alot of room for all my stuff in the front of the cockpit.

What do you folks think about these hulls and what cool add ons should I look at, please suggest local kayaking clubs/websites

Also good kayak product websites.


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Hey Mike, ya gonna use them at the HH-WWD??? I heard that many SS stores were closing. Anyone know if the one in Westminster is having a closing sale too??? Heck, they just move into that Westminster store a couple of months ago.
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