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Well first thanks to Mike B, Kimbro and others for encouraging me not to give up after last trip was a bust it, paids to persever.

Started out like a day from hell. Trailer came off the ball when launching. Thanks to a fellow fisherman we got it back on and eventually launched. Hey man if you are out there thanks again I hope the good chi was returned for your unselfish act of kindness to me.

Saw a 41 pounder at the weighing station when gasing up what a beast and that got the juices flowing. Just out of the harbor I put the throttle down and she went dead. It did not look good in 5 feet of water I anchored up, after 1/2 hour she stsarted again and i decided to stay in front of breezy in case troubles continued.

I put out one 9" chart stormbrella, one 4" chart stormbrella, and one unweighted 5" white/black storm. Had some marks and some bait worked my way to 35 feet in front of the blue bath house and some birds started working. BAMM on the light rod with 12lb test she came a knocking. At first I though I hooked the bottom or a pot but then the head shakes told me otherwise. After a long fight and almost a couple of spools I brought this nice 34" 15 pounder to the boat. Really nice fish even had a couple of sea lice still on her.

I called my best friend and mentor back on Cape Cod to boast but I was quickly outdone as he reported back he just caught a 125" 1250 pound giant bluefin they had to cut the dorsal off to get it in the boat. Could have happened to a nicer guy and the fish is off to Japan as I write. So for this fishing enclave to was a good day on the Cheaspeake and a great day off Cape Cod.

Not even a though of winterizing more fishing soon....
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