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C&R at the white stone

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OK !!! I'm one of those nuts who never stops fishing. Put in at wake and fish all day, cold to start then really nice then cold to finish!!! Marked fish in all the usual spots. Jiged with Hyper stripers around the pilings, no hits. Then did a little mid day trolling. One hit on a tomic, got off. one small guy on a strech 15 (red and white). Got realy cold again at 4:00 PM so we high tailed it back to the ramp.. We were the only ones out there..Gona hit the upper james today at mid day for some big blue cats... I don't understand you people that put your boats away. There is good fishing to be had in Jan and Feb you just got to find the weather windows.
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Can't let a little weather keep you down

Theres a lot of fishing to be had in Jan and feb.
Fort AP Hill for stocked trout
Wanynsbro for a little fly fishing
James river cats' and crapie
The shad run is just around the corner.
C&R on the Rapp
And the biggie,, VA Beach for the big ones
May even do some surf fishing on HI. Bonita, fat alberts and many other fish come in close in the winter.

I live in the mecca of fishing, The bass pro, gander, greentop triangle ( Ashland )

There no doubt, Jan and feb are lean fishing months,, But I just can't stop..............
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Sounds good

10-4 Capt. Ron Looks like the colsd snap will be easing early next week. may do a a run to VA beach. but other than that i'll be on the james jan, feb, and march for cats and shad. I Run a Dougherty Marine, Marlin 150, 16' CC. I'll call ya if I'm heading out next week. What are you running on the river??
I fished up near Urbana. thats about as far up as I have been. I here the cat fishing is good up there.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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