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C&R at the white stone

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OK !!! I'm one of those nuts who never stops fishing. Put in at wake and fish all day, cold to start then really nice then cold to finish!!! Marked fish in all the usual spots. Jiged with Hyper stripers around the pilings, no hits. Then did a little mid day trolling. One hit on a tomic, got off. one small guy on a strech 15 (red and white). Got realy cold again at 4:00 PM so we high tailed it back to the ramp.. We were the only ones out there..Gona hit the upper james today at mid day for some big blue cats... I don't understand you people that put your boats away. There is good fishing to be had in Jan and Feb you just got to find the weather windows.
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That's why I spend extra for a slip all year round; I was out with the family, including our 3 year old on the James drowning bait the day after Christmas and again New Years day! Wanted to haul her out to scrub the bottom this weekend, but it's gonna be warmer in the water than out!!
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