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Americo and his dad, one of the finest father and son duos in Cabo, took Russ and Kamleesh from Alberta, Canada out on our 28' Californian "ReelRum". They decided to head east on the sea of Cortez, about 30 miles offshore and found a Mako shark that wanted to play tug-o-war.

Out on our 32' Bertram "El Nuevo", Alex and Ramon opted for middle ground, staying between the sea of Cortez and the Pacific. Bill is an old friend, having fished with us plenty of times in the past and requested Captain Alex for this year's trip. This decision proved not only fun but smart given the four Tuna they caught. With two more days scheduled to fish those Tuna better watch out!

Gordon and his friends from Ohio say that they're here in Cabo on a "work trip". But we all know better. It's pretty hard to get much done in Cabo besides going fishing, taking in some rest and throwing back some "chelas" (ask for one next time you want a beer in Mexico and you'll sound really cool). They were hoping for a big fish but at least they won't be going home empty-handed, a nice Sierra will be accompanying them….well, at least until dinner time.

Getting most of the action of the day was a sweet couple out on one of our partner Panga boats. In just a few hours these two were back with a Dorado, two Tuna, Sierra and even a Squid. Nice work!
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