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To get HB2280 out of the Chesapeake subcommittee, we need to have the votes of at least two of the five delegates listed below.

Call and e-mail them before 4:30pm today
If calling, talk to the LA's.
Please do it now.

Our message: Support HB2280 which simply transfers the authority to implement Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission management plans for menhaden from the General Assembly to the VMRC. No other authority is given or implied.

Beverly J. Sherwood, Winchester, (804) 698-1029 [email protected],
Legislative Asst. Cheryl Swartz

Edward Scott, Culpeper/Madison, (804) 698-1030 [email protected],
LA: Lisa C. Scott

Lynwood Lewis, Accomack/Northamp, (804) 698-1000 [email protected],
LA: Jessica Bowman

David Bulova, Fairfax City/Fairfax, (804) 698-1037 [email protected],
LA: Rama Van Pelt

Luke E. Torian, Prince William, (804) 698-1052 [email protected],
LA: Phil Newell
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