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This report is directly from Capt. DeBlasio

We left late with an open boat charter headed for the Hudson. We arrived on the edge an hour after dark, only to hear we had just missed a decent bite. We set up with the rest of the fleet (I hate crowds) and went to work. We had two sword bites at night .. one stole a bait and swam by and another that found the hook and was brought boatside .. both small fish so let go to fight another day. We patiently waited for the early am bite that never materialized for us. Around us, a few of the many boats had a good bite at night or at daybreak, but most did not.

With things looking bleak, we made a move and got set up for the daytime chunk. It started off a little slow, with one longfin, then a yellowfin here or there. We saw the signs and marked fish but could not get any consistent bite going. We continued working and eventually found what they wanted ... from 1pm to 5pm it was some of the best chunk fishing I have seen with mad dog blitzes happening frequently. We were using light leader so there were some losses, but when I cranked her up for home, we had 17 yellowfin and 1 longfin in the box, plus numerous blue sharks we had to do battle with ...

I always tell my guys "all that matters is the final score" and this trip certainly proved it ... we also got to put Penn's new TRQ30 through the paces on a lot of fish over the last few weeks and this reel is very impressive. Super light, very smooth and great drag are going to make this little reel a 200lb bluefins worst nightmare this spring .. its seen many 50-80lb yellowfin over the last few weeks and has not skipped a beat ... next time out we will be testing the TRQ15 and 12VSX .. pics to follow shortly


By the way guys - we are going to extend our season one more week since the fishing is so good. We are looking to fill two more open boat trips on the 48' Viking - cost is $699 for the spot and that includes the tip.

We are looking to fill October 26-27 and October 29-30.

Please call me at 732-272-4445 or email me at [email protected]om if you are interested.

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