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AC Seminar Was Biggest Yet & NY Seminar is ALMOST SOLD OUT

Folks - I can't believe it myself - and maybe it's a statement on our economy or a renewed interest in offshore fishing but we are grateful, honored and humbled beyond words at the record attendance with well over 500+ people choosing to spend the day with us learning everything there is to know about offshore fishing at our AC Seminar last weekend.

And I'm shocked to announce that we have 75 more tickets sold for our NY Seminar at this point v. last year - AND LAST YEAR WAS A RECORD!!!


Why Shouldn't You Attend?

Think about it - the fact that some of the best of the best fisherman on the East Coast are happy to share their knowledge openly and happily speaks volumes on how times have changed from the tight lipped old salts not willing to share anything - to today when guys who've won millions in tournaments are happy to share their immense expertise.


But Don't Just Take Our word for It - Read Just a Few of the 50+ Testimonials from our 2016 AC Seminar

Just had to include this testimonial first from a major player in the offshore fishing industry for generations. Mr. Walter Johnson III for Johnson & Towers - who was there with his son Walter Johnson IV.

First - Here Was His Feedback last year for the 2015 Seminar -

"Adam, have always admired you guys ... when we were all a lot younger ..Seminar , it is the perfect father son event to learn new stuff plus how to rig and fish properly by todays best fishermen. ...Every breakout was informational but the best was the experience of the speakers , they were the real deal and if you truly understand offshore you picked up a ton of good info. I thought the whole deal was run right and organized well. There were no complaints and smiling faces .... Thanks for thinking of me , means a lot, Tight lines and good health !

What did he say this year?


Adam - really enjoyed the seminar in AC last weekend. I told my buddies how it's perfectly laid out - the topics are dead on to what New Jersey canyon fisherman want to know and the small group format is perfect.

It's great how the speakers give you their candid, no BS answers which is great. As I mentioned I changed a lot after last years and it helped a lot. I now have even more to change for this year. Can't wait.

…….I thought the presentations from Belcaro, Sean Walsh and Decabria were awesome. Wouldn't change a thing. Shute is always a pleasure to hear as well.

Amazes me that you can get these legends all in one place!

…….Again, really awesome event. Thanks for doing this and I look forward to coming every year.

Good luck!



Just a comment on Sat AC Seminar I attended, this was 8th or 9th seminar,….. did breakout with Capt Deane and Capt Mark great information in both presentations and …….. Also went to Capt Sean's breakout on Bluefin (always entertaining) got off on big eyes great info from him as well.Took a lot of notes great seminar
Thank You Henry K.
Thanks again for running an informative and interesting tuna fishing program. The guys that work for canyon runner are the best, you are lucky to have them working for you. I came away this year much more informed and ready to mug em up..Could be my break out year in the canyon, have a greater understanding of what is really going on out there.
Thanks, Glenn Harris.
Thank you for a most productive day Saturday. The day just flew buy and our gang had a blast....My only complaint……I wish it was time to go tuna fishing! Just when I think I have seen every session you guys offer, you add in some new and very timely topics. The Long Island guys are in for a treat in two weeks. Great job, loved it, we will be back next year!
See you out on the water!
Hi Adam,
Yes, I did attend and loved it. I am looking forward to attending next year too. It was very informative and the sessions were great. I attended many of the core sessions and especially enjoyed Capt Quigly's inshore session.
Thank you
Mike M.


Had a blast. Show was spot on!!! Could've pull my ticket for the dredges!!! Hahahaha
Make C.
Hi Adam, I attended your Canyon Runner fishing seminar yesterday in Atlantic City and was once again very impressed with all your classes. As a person that is learning how to offshore fish, your seminar if very valuable too me. All of your crew are great people ..... You run a professional deal and it shows with the attendance!
Charlie G.
Hi Adam
Attended your seminar for the first time yesterday. I go to quite a few conferences and seminars with my job and yours was run as smooth as anyone I've been to - congratulations.

This was an awesome seminar! Need to get my fishing crew there next year! Heather M.
First timer. Great seminar. Great location. I'll have my crew with me on the next one. Ever think of doing one in Ocean City MD or Baltimore? - Mike F.

Great seminar. Looking forward to hitting the water and applying the info taking in from the day. Fish on - Craig B.

Well organized, well ran, great sponsors, terrific presenters. Thank you, Adam and crew. - Mike S.

First time attending seminar , I took so much knowledge out of it we are doing the Long Island one as well - Chrissy/Rick K.

You guys did a great job really enjoyed the seminar. - Pat F.

Awesome learning experience learned some new tricks and tips will be a yearly event for the 3 Amigos and friends. I appreciated the level of organization and structure that Adam maintained it made the event very smooth! - Corey J.

Great crew, great event and awesome spreader bars to boot! - Ken L.

Great job guys!! I will be back. Great people all around and well organized. - Greg K.

Great seminar!!! - Andrew F.


Below is all the info for our 2016 Seminar - it will prove to be one of the best yet with a lot of new topics - hope you can come.



The 2016 Canyon Runner Seminar Speakers Combined have produced 999+ Big-Eyes, & $5,000,000+ in Tournament Winnings in their respective Careers!

Come Learn How They Do It!



FREE $100 Spreader Bar & Bag for Groups of 4 or More!

Long Island, NY - February 27, 2016 ($99/Person)


New for 2016 - Capt. Deane Lambros - Advanced Big-Eye Tactics the Night Troll and Teasers
New for 2016 - Capt. Deane Lambros - Using Your Electronics To Find Fish - "Core Class"
New for 2016 - Capt. Walter Harmstead "Going in Deep" Advanced Big Fish Tournament Tactics - $2.5 Million in Tournament Winnings
New for 2016 - Capt. Mark DeCabia "Rebel" - Advanced Big-Eye Tactics - Moon Phase, Boat Handling, Dredge Fishing
New for 2016 - Penn Reels Techs - 45 Minute Session/Hands-On Reel Maintenance Procedures
New for 2016 - Capt. Tim Pickett - Day & Night Time Swords in Northeast Canyons - Yes Day Time Swords are For Real in Our Canyons
New for 2016 - Capt. Freddy Gamboa "Andrea's Toy" - Canyon Mixed Bag fishing from a Center Console
New for 2016 - Capt. Mark DeCabia - The End Game - Leadering/Gaffing/Harpoon
New for 2016 - Dave Arbeitman - 45 Minute Advanced Jigging and Popping


Plus - Canyon Trolling 101 "Core Class" -Must Know to Excel Offshore
Plus - Capt. Craig Angelini & Canyon Runner Crew
Plus - Trolling Baits for Big Fish - Capt. Joe Shute - The Inventor of the Best Big Tuna Skirt Ever
Plus - Canyon Chunking 101 "Core Class" Rig Up like a Professional Crew - Capt. Phil Dulanie & Canyon Runner Crew
Plus - Winning Marlin Tactics - Tournament Winning Angler Brad Burgess - Canyon Runner
Plus - Bluefin Tuna from A to Z - Trolling & Chunking - Capt. Sean Welsh & the Crew of the Restless Lady
Plus - Inshore Tuna - When, Where, Why & How "Core Class"- Capts. Gene Quigley/Jim Freda - Shore Catch Charters
Plus - Engine Preventative Maintenance & Repairs at Sea - John Lane - Forked River Diesel
Plus - Water Temp Analysis "Core Class" Basic Courses for First Time Attendees - Capt. Len Belcaro
Plus - Advanced Water Temp Analysis and Year in Review - Capt. Len Belcaro
Plus - Rigging Ballyhoo for Tuna "Core Class" - Capt. Kevin Muller - Canyon Runner & Capt. Evan Millas - Head Hunter

The 2016 NY Seminars will be held at the Huntington Hilton in Long Island, NY - February 27 ($99/person).

For additional information and Tickets - Call 732-842-6825 or Email: [email protected]

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What can I say but thanks again - we are still almost 75 tickets ahead of last year! And just expanded the seating in the main room so we can fit about 30 more folks for next Saturday. That said due to this record crowd - FOR ALL PLANNING ON ATTENDING - we are going to need your cooperation.

1. I doubt we can sell even 1 ticket on the day of the event - so in effect - if don't order your ticket NOW over the phone you many not be able to get int. We have 30 spots left and I expect we'll sell them all by mid week.
2. Please allow extra time to check-in in the morning and enjoy your FREE breakfast. We usually say come at 9am but food will be out by 8:30am so come early and we'll have plenty for all as we have a lot of folks to move through the door - more than ever before.
3. We've also allowed for extra time for lunch and FREE beer - so spread out when you try to line up for lunch and FREE beer - we'll have it out from 12 Noon to 2:30pm while classes are still in session so between classes you can start eating and drinking instead of waiting for the 1 hour schedule lunch time.
4. I'd be happy to email you the Agenda now so you can start planning your day - just shoot me an email and I'll send it out. [email protected]

FINALLY - I must repeat - do NOT wait until the day of the Seminar to show up and try to get a ticket - we will be at capacity and will NOT sell tickets at the door.

Thanks again for the amazing response this year!
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