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Canyon Runner Seminar Thanks & Seminar Discount

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First I just wanted to thank each and every one of the well over 400 people that attended our Atlantic City Seminar on Saturday. By the feedback we are receiving it looks like this year's Seminar Series is going to be the most popular so far with all the new addition we've added to the Agenda. But in the end, it is the participation and energy of the audience that makes each Seminar special for us and this weekend was the best.

Second, we still have 2 more Seminars to go with our next Seminar in Long Island, NY on February 28 so please don't miss out - I think the number one most consistent feedback we get is that our Seminars are worth every penny and is money well spent if you really are passionate about putting more tuna - sharks - swords - marlin in your boat.

If you've yet to attend one of our Seminars please take some time and read about them on our website at New Jersey Charter Boat New Jersey Charter Fishing Boat in NJ look around the other fishing forums for feedback or ask around for some feedback from the thousands of people who've attended over the past 5 years.

We only have about 75 tickets left for NY so please call now if you are interested - 732-842-6825 or email us at [email protected].

Since I know NY and Connecticut are very far from the homes of the core members on this site if you still would like to attend I'll give anyone traveling from the states of Delaware and south half price on any tickets for either NY or the Mohegan Sun CT Seminars.

Below are some pictures from Saturday:

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you guys did an excellent job. thank you.
capt. slm
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