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Cape Henlopen fishing?

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I bought a Blazer and I'm in the process of getting it ready for surf fishing from the beaches in Delaware. Want to go to Cape Henlopen on Mother's Day and was looking for any tips on fishing from the beach. Any help would be appreciated, Lance.[smile]
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Lower the air pressure in your tires, pack a shovel, tow rope, air pressure guage, 1 case of cold beer, pretzels, squid, cutting board with knife, hooks, sinkers, rods, and your all set.
Thanks Croix Boy, what pressure do you suggest? 15-20#?
Lance, you might wanna try around 20# but it helps to have a small tank of air for when you get back on the road . Most of the time a gas station is not very close to the beach you are on. Good luck.
15#-20# is good. Cape Henlopen has air pumps located in the park, on the road, near each dune crossing so you can fill back up when you come off.
I would fish the Broadkill-Beachplum Island Area. The trout are usually in there during May. They will take a fly, plug, or bait especially peeler or soft crab.
Thanks for the info. I have a small air compressor for the tires. Flourchild, can you get peelers that early? Was thinking of taking squid and shrimp, but any suggestions would help.
Tip of the Cape is closed due to plover nesting. Surf permit is $100 bones for out of staters. If you plan on driving south of the Naval Jetty check the high tide mark near the jetty cause it can cover the entire beach in that area.
chicken will work for the trout @ Broadkill.Cut up some small pieces and soak in Shedder oil and u have what we call a perdue peeler
Bomb Dog K9-5, if you work in Delaware you can take youre W-2 to Lums Pond SP. and get the surf tag for resident price. Planning on going today.[smile]
Lance, didnt know about the w-2 thing.Pretty decent of DE to do that. Unfortunately I work in MD. If your taking yours can you buy a second permit also?[grin]
I have a dealer tag(De)and I live in De.,anybody know the law on this,offen have thought about getting a surf tag,just never tried.
Sorry Bomb Dog but they made sure it was my car it was going to. Now I just need a tow rope and some good weather next Sunday.
Ive found to take two posts and a tarp! Set them upright as to stop the wind and sand like a fence. This has turned some nasty days into very enjoyable ones. Works great to comfort your favorite lady or wuss friend. Also plenty of fresh water for clean up and drinking. I love broadkill and Henlopen ... be fishing for trout there soon!
Don't forget to pick up a tire buddy or 2 at the bait shop, it makes airing down much quicker[wink].
Still hoping to go Sunday, what do you think will happen with the blow there getting today?
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