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We managed to scratch out three nice stripers today and one 22 inch flounder.
Two came on white parachutes and one on a red/white stretch 25. The flounder
also hit the stretch 25..

I'm sure other boats were catching as we talked to a friend who had two but we
never saw a boat around us catch a fish...some nice marks but little else...stayed
about 5 hours...

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Just a quick reminder as we catch the flounder on the rockfish troll (always a pleasant surprise), they are out of season. Don't be caught with one in possession by the warden.

Joe - Miller Time
Howdy Joe,

How about this 10 pounder caught at Cape Henry? This is from Sunday's Virginian-Pilot. ( 1-04-09)

Catches of the week
Richard Pearsall, Virginia Beach, 36 1/4-inch release, coastal Virginia Beach.

Mark Haskett, Chesapeake, 10-10, Cape Henry.

Speckled trout
Joe DelDonna, Virginia Beach, 5-10, Rudee Inlet. Todd Hutto, Chesapeake, 7-6, Elizabeth River. James Monroe, Virginia Beach, 8-0, Elizabeth River. Charlie Price, Norfolk, 5-9, Hot Ditch area of the Elizabeth River.

Striped bass
James Jenkins, Elizabeth City, N.C., 41-0, coastal North Carolina. Adam Perry, Virginia Beach, 44-5, Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Bert Wilson, Virginia Beach, 47-inch release, coastal Virginia Beach.

John Andrews, Virginia Beach, 14-8 and 16-9, offshore wreck. Kevin Laxton, Virginia Beach, 12-9, offshore wreck.

I do not see in the regulations where they are illegal in the Ocean. ??? Could be but I don't see it.


[Regulation 4 VAC 20-620-10 et seq.]

2008 Season Opens ............March 1
Closed Season.......................July 21 through July 30

Minimum Size Limit............................19 inches
Possession Limit.................................5 per person

The above flounder restrictions apply to Virginia tidal waters, except that in Virginia's Potomac River tributaries the minimum size limit, closed season, and possession limit will be the same as established by PRFC for the mainstem Potomac River.

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