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Started out with the eels from last night planning on heading across the bay. As we headed across, towards Smith Island, birds are working the Baltimore Channel. Laid a trolling spread out and headed east. Current was strong and we were not keeping up with the flock of birds. Picked up and ran out to the line and put out our spread again. Good call as we landed our first fish of 32 in. We decide to keep it and stay in the ocean.

Trolled towards the Cape. As the current started to slack, we found several more 33-38 inch stripers in either 60 feet or 45 feet of water. Caught our limit and threw several back that were 33 to 34 inches. Also lost a couple near the boat as the hooks pulled out. One was just a few feet from the net. Fish hit stretches, umbrella, mojos, bucktails and hard body shads of either white or chartruse, which are the only colors we had out.

Had a great time out there, but the eels live for another day.

Joe (Miller Time)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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