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After the weekend crew packed up and left Capt Dave and I worked on the dock and fixed a bunch of stuff around the house. That ate up our Monday.
Tuesday we headed up the Dragon is some high winds. We arrived at low tide and for the next four hours as the tide came in we caught well over 20 bowfin and a dozen LGMouth. We had two bowfin hooked at a time, several times.

What a fantastic morning. I lost two topwater baits to the bowfin.

On Wednesday we brought Kris (learning to fish) with us and found a great bite again as the tide came in. The flooded fields of the Dragon at extreme high tide turned out to be an untapped resource. Horny toads and swimbaits produced some fantastic hits and we even landed a few. One snakehead that came unbuttoned half way in also. And some LGMouth in the mix. No pics as we where having too much fun. Kris learned to "set the hook" that trip having missed about 6 nice fish. The bite ended before he completed his lesson.

Thursday with the weather going bad we decided to pull my Mako off the lift and do a little fishing. The colder air and drizzle made for some tough fishing. So we did some white perch fishing for dinner. Kris kept getting hits and could never hook up, we had a dozen for dinner and I noticed Kris had no hook on his lure. Capt Dave handed him his rod and two casts later lucky 13 was in the livewell. Lesson two "Have a hook"

Friday we canceled the weekend trip and packed up to come home. Capt Dave had a spectacular trailer tire blow out on the way home and I managed to get home with out a wheel falling of my trailer. However a tree fell on my truck Friday night. Damage was not bad. At least not as bad as Tuesday when my truck slipped off the road into a deep ditch. Oh always an adventure.

Capt Mike
Capt Dave
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