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LOOK OUT, its October!


Calling all anglers, your attention please! October in N.E. Florida has to be one of the best months of the year.

If yesterday, (9/28) is any kind of indication of what's to come. And it's not even October yet. HOLD ON TO YER HAT!

I know weekends are the hot time to go fishing for most, so that's why I usually take a day during the week to go do what I call Fishing-R&D, you know.....research and development?? And I wished while I was out there, that I wasn't alone. Because if you were with me it would have made you addicted to rod bending.

To summarize, I had my Speckled Trout limit up from 2-4 pounder's (5 per person allowed between 15-20" with one over 20" as a trophy Trout) And a 20" perfect eater size Redfish in the fish box in less than an hour since I left the dock! Then went and caught over sized Redfish (1-per person a day 18-27" is the Florida limit) on light tackle. After that I caught the incoming tide and went back after the Speckled Trout and had another 25 or so fish all in one spot, and 10-15 of these Trout were 3-4 pounder's!!!! It was an absolute Trout riot.

And it just kills me that so many people over-look this fishery here in N.E. Florida. When I got home I made some "fresh" fried Trout, and Blackened Redfish. AWESOME Day of fishing, and dinner, is all I can say. (and believe me, I'm no chef)

So it's easy to see why I can get so excited about October. Here in N.E. Florida there is truly two transitional times of year; Thanksgiving and Easter. But that's weather wise. In October it's all about bait on the move. The mullet are EVERYWHERE. Along with our very own St. Johns River Shrimp.

Last week I was fishing with Jeff & Harry P. They wore out the Big Trout, caught a 12 pound Redfish, a Flounder, some Ladyfish, and Croakers all while watching shrimp get forced up on the surface along a dock by hungry Trout. The Trout were popping them as they danced across the top of the water fleeing hungry mouths. It was not only a sight to be hold, but a major clue to what's going on right now in the river.

The bait is pouring out of the St. Johns River inlet into the open Atlantic by the millions of tons per tide. Greenies, Mullet of all sizes, Pogies, all good baits but better yet, easy to catch and fill your live well with. It's no secret when you see a half acre of water explode as mullet go airborne hoping to escape the Tarpon, Sharks, Barracuda's, Jacks, and Porpoise that are waiting for them to make the turn to open water around the north and south jetties.

And if you're willing to pick a fight, the inlet is the place for big Spawning Redfish right now. From keepers, 18-27" to the bulls 25-50 pounds can be caught in the river, and at the inlet. So if BIG FISH, and hard tugs is what you're looking for, look no further. Sharks, and a possible Tarpon hook up is also waiting. I've even seen some folks catching 4-8 pound Black Drum along the jetty rocks, on shrimp.

All of this just minutes from the dock, where I leave from. Believe me...." I hate long boring and sometime rough & wet, boat rides". I used to do it all summer, those hour long or better runs offshore....they sure took a toll on my patience, boat and customers. Now, I literally blow people away with how fast we can be "into fish".

Last week, every single charter I had, while showing people what we were going to do, I hooked a nice fish. Then, I handed them the rods and they commenced to whacking' them! Not hours into their charter, but rather minutes into their charter. " I love it." And that's what so nice about river fishing, close to "facilities" if needed, no getting beat up, and 95% of the day is spent fishing. All of this, plus cooler mornings and afternoons in October.

As a full-time fishing guide, I want you to catch fish, be challenged, comfortable and have a ball. That's why I love October fishing. And I think you will too.

I heard on the local news the other day that some companies have diverted their conventions from New Orleans to Jacksonville. Which is great for "my" town. I'm also ready. I can organize your company or large group charters for you. Anywhere from 3 to 20+ anglers can fish on multiple inshore boats. I mention this because, October seems to be the month that I get the most requests for large group trips.

Check out my "daily reports" on my fishing forum. Here you will find a record of each days fishing. A valuable tool when searching for the right fishing guide. One that tells you the good, the bad and the ugly, because I have nothing to hide.......it's all in a days fishing!

I read articles all the time that tell people what questions to ask a prospective guide. Well, I look at it this way. For you web surfers, you shouldn't have to ask many, if the information you need is right there, and easily accessible. That's what my recent catch pages are for, and my daily reports forum. I want my photos to say a "thousand words" or actually less, like.... THIS COULD BE YOU!

**Watch my "daily" reports pages, and "recent catch" photos for action like this. And then call me fast!**

Till next tide,

Capt. Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing
904-642-9546- (8am-8pm EST)
St. Johns River & Inlet; Mayport / Jacksonville, Florida
12 months a year/ 6 days a week!
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