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DO NOT wear fleece gloves while shooting your 15 inch barreled Encore in .308 Win. Handgun!

As light was shrinking on the close of MD firearms season I was reviewing what poor year I was having when two doe walked up to my right. I decide to try the shot left handed. I rested the fore stock on the padded shooting rail. With the right hand on top of the scope and the grip tight in my left hand I touched off the shot. Boom! The gun flew out of my hands, bounced off my chest, sprung off the burlap stand blind and onto the seat beside me. The doe crumpled at the shot, neck shot, right where the cross hairs were. I was never so glad I put the burlap on the stand or the Encore would have fallen the 20 feet to the ground.

Learn from my mistake. I love those gloves, very warm, but it was like shooting with grease hands.

I'm smiling now![smile]
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