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Left Easton yesterday afternoon. Checked into the new Shore Stay Suites and had dinner at Kelley's in Cape Charles. Hotel is nice. Comfortable beds, full kitchen, cable, wireless internet. Parking is tight for boat trailers.

Hit the water around 7 with eels and lots of plastics. After receiving several good reports we had high hopes, but worked hard for the fish we caught. Morning tide we found fat 22-28" fish among the pilings north of the 4th Island. Albino BKD and 6" bunker storm shad were the best producers. Slow pick of fish during the morning bite. Looked for something different in the afternoon, but couldn't find anything noteworthy.

Anchored over good marks south of the High Rise around 4:15 and put eels overboard. Fished in that spot until around 7:30 with eels freelined, 12-20' under bobbers and on the bottom. No hits. Slowly moved north of the HR, but didn't see any great marks. Heard no positive reports on the radio, so we ran out to 10 to try something different. No hits there either, so we called it a day around 8:45.

Hope tomorrow will be better.
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