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Hey guys,
with the success we enjoyed last weekend, I need to get back down ASAP. I've got a warranty repair I need to get taken care of first, and then work related travel that will prevent the weekend I'd like to go (13/14)... so I'm looking at either the 19th to 21st, or the 26th to 28th (I'd only fish two days on either trip).

Here's the text from the KFS thread I started:
So I think the obvious question is, who's up for the January iteration? Based on what I've read, as long as the water stays above 43ish, the fishing should last. The water was 50 degrees last weekend.

By the way the bridge will be MUCH less crowded, even on weekends, now that the bay striper fishery has closed (catch and release only). I consider this a good thing since I don't keep fish.

I'll propose a friday-saturday or a saturday-sunday trip. Best weekend for me would be the 19th to the 21st (I'd probably only go two of those days)... but I'm somewhat flexible.

I'll let you know what I decide to do... either that weekend or maybe the next... but my decision will definitely be influenced by who else can go. My boat is semi-broken at the moment, so I'll need to get that fixed before heading down.

Who's in?
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