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I just got back from a 2 day stay at Kiptopeke.

Saturday i had the day booked with Walleye Pete. This was my first trip with Pete and it could not have been better. I was on board with my dad and his friend Pete ( 2 pete's and 2 mike's). We met Pete in the lobby at 5:30 to shoot the $hit for a few. He left us to launch the boat and beat the crowds. We were so excited that we skipped breakfast and headed for the ramp shortly after Pete left us.

Around 6:30 we were idling away from the ramp and the seas were calm. Pete put us on the fish from the very first drift and kept us on the fish until we were worn out and had to pack it in. It was mostly a piling bite, but we did steer off into some bird action a couple of times throughout the day.

I didn't get too many fish pictures today because the action was fast and furious.

Here is my dad with a 4th island fatty.

Mid morning the fog really set in and it was scary crossing the tube between the 3rd and 4th.

Our 3rd fisherman, Pete had never been jigging before. Since dad and I pretended like we had experience, Walleye Pete stayed in the back to give lessons. It was not long before he had Pete dialed in and he was catching as much as anyone.

Many times throughout the day, i had to deal with the "peanut gallery" standing in the enclosure cracking jokes. I'm up there trying to catch fish, and they are back there giving me hell.

Here they are, huddled up under there while im doing all the work.

We never counted fish today, but we ended the day with WELL over 100 fish. The morning bite gave up some fish on 10" BKD's, but the fish weren't any bigger. I gave Walleye Pete the go ahead to wet a line and he was pulling them over the side as well. 1/2 and 1oz jigheads were all we needed.

I think it's a good idea to take a trip with an experienced captain a couple of times a year. It really helps to fine tune your game and I always learn something new. Pete showed us how to really attack some of well known spots. He gave me some lessons on handling the boat in the pilings and showed me how to get to the bottom quickly while staying in tune with my jig. We packed it in a little early because we were all worn out. Back at the ramp and had the boat out around 4:30. We got cleaned up and Walleye Pete took us to a great little seafood resteraunt.

Sunday - we towed my boat down to fish on sunday. I woke up to a do-able 10 - 15 S wind but after checking the weather, they were calling for gusts to 20 with a small craft advisory. We decided it wasn't worth it and headed for the barn.

Overall - a great trip and i am glad we got to fish with Walleye Pete. He really knows his stuff and if you have not been with him and are a LTJ fisherman, you should consider taking a trip.

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Mike, I seen you guys baling fish most of the day I was with JP and we had about the same kind of day you had. Glad you had a good time and you can’t beat Pete he sure knows where the fish are. I did get one over for the day and boy was it a fat one at least 20 plus pounds and was 35 ½” Thanks for the report and very nice pic’s also that fog was something wasn’t it.
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