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My friend in the slip across from me arrived as I was tending to some maintenance on my boat. He loves to fish so inquired as to whether or not he was making a run this evening. He said he planned to run up river and maybe drop a line.:fishing2: Sweet:thumbup:

As we were leaving Solomons we could see a crowd at Cedar Point. So we changed plans and headed for the rips. 20 boats were all trolling the rips and no other boats were in sight for the remainder of the bay. Somewhat must no somethin:yes:.

Dropped some lines and started trolling. Never saw a single boat land a fish and within 30 minutes of our arrival the sun set and all but 1 other boat remained. 5 minutes later we had a hit. On ice he goes:

5 minutes later and another keeper goes on ice.:thumbup: We wanted to come in under some light so we headed in with 2 keepers and a great skyline.

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