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Took my 10 and 11 year old boys flounder fishing Saturday at the cell. They are tough to wake up early so we didn't get out on the water until 12:30 which was ok since the tide change was not until late afternoon.

There must have been 300 boats there Saturday and I didn't see anyone catching. It started off slow with no drift but then it picked up.

We managed 6 with the largest at 6lbs 14oz (that hurt) and then another at 6lbs 6oz and another at 5lbs 4oz, the other 3 were under 20inches.

We couldn't keep that pesty croakers off the rigs. We caught well over 50 huge croakers which can really interfere with the founder fishing. Oh well, it kept the kids entertained.

Sounded like there were a very few boats catching from the radio talk but like I said it sounded like very few. I never saw the first flounder come over the side of any of the boats that were near me all afternoon. I think that SE wind didn't help.[grin]
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