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Okay, okay I know this has been discussed ad nauseum but what combo do you guys recommend? I've got an old (Global Map 2000) Lowrance package and like the way Lowrance is layed out. However, I'll consider anything provided it's not to expensive ($1,200-$1,300). These new Lowrance HDS systems look encouraging but I don't know much about them. What do know about this HDS stuff? Thanks.

Santa (me) bought himself the Lowrance 27 HD with a 7" screen and the hard drive with all the charts preloaded. Just love it and am still working on understanding all the cool features. A friend bought a 5" combo from Lowrance but he made a good point. When you are in dual mode with navigation and sonar on the screen, the split screen is too small for either side to really be readable.

The 7" screen is great in either mode and gives you sufficient screen in split mode. I also like that it has a seperate GPS antenna instead of the internal ones. They say it gives better GPS signal.

I see that Turtlemarine.com is having a big sale.

My machine with the hard drive - I got it on sale for $999 as a xmas special. Usually $1,249.00.
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