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With the money crunch going on I know one of our first places to stop spending cash has been on eating out. We have found a way around this by buying gift certificates at

Restaurant.com - Deals on neighborhood restaurants. $25 Restaurant Certificates for only $10!

The way it works is if you buy a gift certificate for $10 you get a $25 as long as you spend $35 in food. Sorry alchohol not included. $35 of food adds up quick especially if you both get meals. Now for the kicker. Once you by one or two at $10 they start emailing you coupon codes for 60-80% off of future gift certificates. So when we get a 80% coupon we buy one gift certificate for each of our area restaurants at $2 a peice. Our $40 meal only ends up costing us 17 bucks. Now the hard part is deciding were to go. The big chain places are not on there but there's plenty of other places to choose from. As soon as I get another code I'll post it. All you have to do is buy the gift cetifcate online and then print it out. Wala cheap dates
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