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[QUOTE=Greyghost;1244472]It is just amazing to me that people still think that the Bay's problems can be addressed by targeting only the farmers, corporations and landowners (septics) when the real polluter is the government itself. How about suing Annapolis, Severna Park, Baltimore and all the cities and towns in the watershed when their pipes break dumping millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Bay. Or, how about an Exxon Valdez size penalty against any local government for antiquated or inefficient sewage treatment plants. How about gettng the US Governement waste cleaned out of the Bay. A few big settlements against say, Baltimore City, forcing higher taxes and bad publicity, will greatly impact the Bay's water quality.

Why is this all ignored? Simple, environmental groups believe that government is the solution to the problem not the cause. Many of them survive on government funding and will not act to address the real cause of the Bay's problems. Clean up the Bay and they put themselves out of business. So, the paper has it right... money and time does not equal improvement to the Bay.

Evidently you didn't read the article very closely, nor are you up to date on point vs. non-point pollution entering the bay. In fact, municipalities have been the lone source of pollution to significantly clean up their act. Waste treatment plants are actually an example of where strides have been made, and everyone from government entities to enviros agree on that one area of success. Non-point source pollution (that coming from multiple, hard to identify sources, such as individual septic systems, farms, and yes boats too, etc.) is much harder to tackle since there's no one place/entity to address.
RE: "Forcing higher taxes..."
Have you ever heard of the Flush Tax?
Sounds to me like you're more interested in finding a reason to bash the govenrment (like there aren't enough already???) then finding a real solution to the problems facing the bay.
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