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went down to Chesapeake Whalertowne this past Saturday to pick up my lower unit.
we had to put it in the shop, for the third season in a row, for water in the lower unit.
after seeing the damage they decided to get the Merc District rep involved.
it was determined that the previous mechanic may have caused more problems than they fixed.
several machine surfaces where the seals fit were nicked up:confused:
the only place that had worked on the motor was Riverside in White Marsh:eek:

long story short.....Merc picked up the tab under warranty.
they replaced the prop shaft, bearing carrier, water pump shaft & base and a few other items and we should be good to go.
i am glad they decided to cover the repairs 'cause the total was over $1,000 to fix the problems!!!!!!!!
damn prop shaft would have been $500 by itself!!!

thanks again to Mike (Lone Ranger) for fixin' us up over there!:thumbup:
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