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Lauched at 6:30 at the Narrows. Saw Richie Gains launching with a small party who headed south towards Eastern Bay. I went North up river into a 10kt wind all the way up to Reed Creek looking for some LTJ or TW action. On the way there was a lot of bait and birds were just sitting on it and we didn't see any breaking fish. Went into Reed Creek and threw a few Striper Candy poppers near some downed trees but we couldn't get a bite.
Went back out into the Chester at about 7:30 and headed back up towards the Narrows.
We found a couple charter boats trolling about a mile NE of the Narrows so I crossed way behind them to see what the were seeing on the fishfinder. The screen was lit up with some real nice marks along the 32 ft contour on my GPS. The fish were between 20-32 ft down. Well we hadn't planned on it but we decided to break out the broomsticks and troll for a while. I put out 3 tandem bucktail/golden mullet storm lines with 8/10/12 oz inline and 1 #17 tony with 6oz. Within 1 minute two rods go down and one is a fat ( I mean fat! ) 28" Rock. He had to weigh 10-12 lbs. He hit the Golden Mullet 6" Storm on the back of the tandem. The other rod was a huge 5lb blue on the tony. The bluefish had one of those weird crustasions (sp?) in its gill ( another post from the other day has a pic of these things).

Well that was it for the next 3 hours as the bite turned off completely. I watched the two Charters and they weren't doing anything after that either. I did switch to some 12" red surgical hoses and caught a couple of bluefish dinks but that was it. I know that there is a nice class of Rockfish staging there but I could only manage one. Also, I used two packs of Storms due to bluefish bite offs. When You see a trolling rod go down with a hit then pop back up with no fish on you know it's time to check the Storm.

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