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go anyway......you cant catch them on the couch. even if you get skunked its better than staying home. you cant take the $8.42 you saved by staying home if you die next week.

sun,wind,sky....fresh air......who needs fish everytime they go ?

go,go, go some more......you never know what will provide pullage !!

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Tim Mcgraw has a song about this very thing.

Called "Go Fish and stop yer crying!"

Here is a piece of it.

He said I was in my early forties
with a lot of life before me
when a moment came that stopped me on a dime
and I spent most of the next days
cutting on a bait tray
Talking bout the options
and watching my cat line
I asked him when it sank in
that this might really be the real end
how?s it hit you when you get that kinda news
man what?d you do

and he said
I went pontoon riding
I went Rocky Mountain climbing
I went 2.7 seconds on a girl named Joyce Cannon
and I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter
I learned to type coherently on Tidalfish
and he said someday I hope you get the chance
to live like an insurance salesaman.
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