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Hey Guys,
Wife and I are heading to Bethany tonight and staying thru Monday.
She and I are there a couple weekends a month.
Me more so in the early spring and fall.
Wife more in the heat of the summer.
It's not often we both go down together but she is my fishing partner when she's around and the weather is fair.
At some point this weekend I intend to head to the pier and flats around it.
I likely won't take the long rod since I'll be fishing with her. Instead I will throw some bucktails and plugs. Maybe some bait.
If you guys happen to be by and see a guy that's built like a fly rod and is fishing with his wife, stop by and say hi.
Or you can reach me on my cell phone @ 571 220-0111.
Be careful walking up to just anyone and telling them " Hey, you're built just like a flyrod. Are you Gregg"?
Some might take offense.[grin]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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