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On the Versus (VS) channel (ch 90 on Howard County FIOS) is a show called City Limits Fishing..

Louise DVRed me a few of them..I watched Washington Dc and Philadelphia..

Pretty cool, the guy (who is a bass fisher) goes to citys and fishes the local waterways.. he also interviews city residents that dont have a clue that any fish exist there..

The DC one was cool.. he had chartered a local guide and they found large and small mouths..( a nice school of SMBs were stacked at a discharge..)

In Philly (his hometown) he fished some real industrial areas and did OK..

I am looking forward to the "Baltimore" episode..Ive cuaght a few lunker LMBs in Middle branch Patapsco and Bell Grove ponds over the years (while fishing for Stripers)..

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