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A few months ago I was rooting around in the barn and found an old Aluminum Tackle Box. It even has reel storage clamps in the lid. I found a couple of old Pfluger and a Penn trolling reels, a Shakespeare and Pfluger knuckle busters and a pair of Mitchell 308's along with an assortment of old rods. I've cleaned and greased the reels and matched all but one on one of the old rods. I picked up a rod for the Pfluger Nobby at Bass pro Last night. I didn't want an astronaut rod for this old classic. I'm planning on my granddaughter catching her first fish on it next year or the next on it for a 5th generation using it. I've caught fish recently on several of the others. I'll see about taking my nephews and Great nieces out next year to use them as well. I'll post the others later. The boat's covered right now. I'm planning on dispersing them to my nephews and kids over the next few years. It's a connection between 4-5 generations depending on the rod/reel. I have a shotgun that was my Great Grandfather's. I used hard face on the wear surfaces and diamond lapped them and had a friend diamond point the cheesy pressed checkering. That is almost ready to be reassembled and put back into service after I rub the walnut stocks with some 120 yr old linseed oil.
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