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Hey guys, I have a chance to get into boat botttom cleaning part time but I only done this to my boat. The water condition is in a boat harbor (no Bahamas clear stuff here) and I was wondering if you do this on a regular bases what type of second stage do you use to keep all the bad stuff away from mouth pc. etc. I've been using top of the line Zeagle stuff but this is my regular diving gear. Thanks

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I clean 8-9 hulls a year - mostly for friends.

It's not a bad job - few tips might help. First - take your time and move slowly.

Try to get owner to draw out what the running gear looks like so you can have rough idea what you are feeling. Your hands will become your eyes in the low / zero viz. Rudder ( s ) / prop (s) struts can all hurt you.

Wear gloves - often there will be barnacles. Once I get done - I'll take off left hand glove to inspect my work. Beware any cuts - be sure to dump peroxide in them.

I use stiff brushes that float and tie short length of 1/8 line on them - bowline loop big enough to slip over wrist ( watch getting caught ).

For barnacles - I like small painter scraper - again with safety line. Tool I use has one side flat - one curved - works great to get into little places.

Scraping at almost flat angle does best plus will not dig into surfaces.

I dive my normal regulator ( Sherwood ) - with octopus tucked into my vest pocket. Rare you get anything in mouth - although you'll feel sh*t falling on your lips. I wear a hood tucked in tight - helps keep **** out of suit.

Sometimes small fish will attack the junk you scrape away - some get right aggressive.
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