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Well with some recent weather changes that have rolled threw the central Florida area this has brought in some better fishing opportunities. As winds begin to shift and smaller less significant cold fronts begun to approach this time of year it causes a few changes among the waters and the fishes feeding patterns. One big thing is the mullet run that will occur soon. On top of this the waters have showed a very good sign of beginning to clear as well.

Redfish have been well established among the flats of both the Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River. Choice tactics for pursuing these fish range from stalking them early along grass flats and watching them to tail. Throwing soft plastics such as the DOA CAL or Paddle Tails. The with this is s a precise cast and a well defined presentation. Other choices are to find fish that are moving in the school patterns and then throwing top waters at them. The choice here would be the DOA Shallow Runner Baitbuster.

Fly fishing for them is the same on the thicker grass flats. A well placed mullet pattern or crab pattern is a best bet. Just be sure you have your presentation down.

Trout have been plentiful if you are able to get to some clean water along with finding a decent bait presence. As always you will be finding the bigger trout among the flats in pot holes and small drop offs. Numerous smaller trout can be found in the deeper waters and drop offs. Throw either top waters early and often or soft plastics as well.

Along with the above there is always a few black drum being caught and some jacks and lady fish. Since Issac came thru the tarpon have dissipated a little but are still here and there.

As always please be sure to handle all fish carefully and horizontally to ensure when you release them they have a higher chance of survival.

Captain Drew Cavanaugh
Florida Inshore Fishing Charters
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