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Hi All:
I'm finally going to CODZILA LAND.
On 6/2/7, I'm leaving to fly to Norway.
I'll be working my way up the coast from Bergen. The LOGOTEN island are also in my sights. If I can I'm trying to get a flight to LONGYEARBEN. YOUWZA!!!!!!.
40 pound Cod are "no big thing" over there!
I'm sending my two rods loaded with that new line for Jiggging. I'll be taking my 12-20 ounce jigs. I made them in medium Blue finish. My T'zers will be red/white/glow +
Medium Blue tubes. Floresecnt Red is ok, BUT , I just might take a few alomng for safe keeping.mmmmmmm.
The rods will be sent UPS, 'cause the oversize costs of send the rods on my flight is frightening......125.00 each. OOOUUUCCCHHH.
I'm searching for sportboats, BUT, again, it will be private boats and trawlers too. Whetever I can find.
AS the days get closer, I'll try and update the info I can find, in case anyone else gets the "ITCH".
Joseph B...aka...Ancient Mariner
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