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Headed out of the South River around 9 this morning. Tons of bait, breaking birds, and boils. Set out 5 rod spread of medium-small bucktail tandems and one Umbrella. Released a few dinks, then moved out to deeper water. 22 inch Rock hit a Hula tandem, 6 ounces of lead, 12 bars back. About 25 minutes later, a big, fat, 28 incher slammed the Umbrella, no weight, 6 bars back. Packed up my gear and was back in the river by 11. This is the same exact pattern as last fall, which is hopefully an indicator that this fall will be just as good. Last fall was INSANE. Oh, and I was between the Green #1 and 85A, in about 38 feet of water. The pack of boats was inside of me, but I prefer to fish away from that mess and pressure.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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