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Looks Fishy:eek2: with Skunker (Rob) as mate and Dean as crew fished the incoming tide Sunday evening. First outing with eels. Put over at LBR at about 1:15pm with plans to fish the flats just west of the concrete ships, then head to the high rise for the incoming tide (7:00pm high). Saw the chaos at the 3rd/4th island, so proceeded to the planned area. South and west of the ships, we could see Kiptopeke beach from the boat. No marks, water temp about 47 and slack tide, with almost no drift. Stayed for a couple of hours then headed to the high rise. Not many boats there, not looking good on the sounder. Cruised to the south side of the channel and by 4-4:30pm we were set up about 3 pilings south of the channel, between the spans and drifting back toward the bay.. Saw some promising marks early, but by the time of high tide there was nothing. We think our eel spread was good, with 2 bobbers free spooling suspended eels and 2 weighted with free spooling eels at about 25 feet. No luck ( I guess the fish did not think much of the spread.) Caught 2 dogfish.
Anyway, picked up about 7:00pm and worked our way south, worked the pilings between the 1st island and small boat channels, hoping for school sized to save the day. It was not to be and we finally called it at about 9:00pm.
To the guy in the light blue Contender and orange Grundens--thanks for the ice and eels. We could not make them produce, but thanks and we owe you one!!
To the guys in the Aquasport towed by a van, you really do need to have your boat loaded and ready to go before backing down the ramp.:nono:
We are looking forward to the next trip!!
david Looks Fishy:eek2:
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