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You guy's dont know the half of it.
been doing all that for 30 yrs.
Bass fishing tournaments twice a week from march to nov.(and practice in between.)
And got to turkey hunt in there somewhere once or twice a week apr.- may.
And the flatties are biting ( got to go )
Fishing getting hot at hattaras (got to go)
big crappie biting in april (got to go)
drum in bay cant miss that
what!!! your going trout fishing in the mountains cant miss that !!
stop by the tackle store to get bait one day, Dam i know its only may but i've got to have one of those new $300 tree stands.
Go by the hobby shop, man thats a neat new RC plane give me one of those and one of them RC boats too. Got to have something to do when i'm not hunting or fishing.
Phone rings.... what!!!! Crow season comes in tomorrow!!!! Dig in hunting room throwing mojo decoys and turkey hunting vests out of the way to find the electric call.
See bow hanging there got to start shooting that.
then blackpowder, then gun season, and the rock fish are biting at buggs, and Va. beach, then OI.
And got to go bobcat & fox hunting at night.
And did you say duck season was in in Delaware.
Then here. And dont forget you've got to get them goose decoys painted and ready to go.
Damn got to go get in the tree, Will have to finish this when i have time.
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