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Started off around 11 AM at the north ramp. 85% of the large cuts had baits already dunked in them. Cruised the beach and fished rubber in some smaller features. Lots of mullet. Lots of mullet on the beach. Did I mention the mullet? The howling west winds made everyone a casting hero but the water didn't want to stay clear with wind vs. current conditions. Skunk. Moved to South Jetty at Oregon Inlet. There had been some puppy drum caught on cut bait between 10 and noon but the old timers were walking off as I walked out. Lost about a dozen Bass Assasains to eight inch bluefish at the tip. The water dirtied up in the 90 minutes that I spent there. Worked my way south on Pea Island. The mosquitos made crossing the dunes hazardous. Fished my way to Salvo. Found the dirtiest water of the day.

Then the wind switched.

In my transit from Salvo to Duck, the 20 kt. W wind became a 20 kt. NE wind and made my speck hole in Duck extremely tough to fish.

At least the weather stayed pretty all day.

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