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My 2 cents. It’s a shame the working family pays the price for decisions made beyond their control of a vote. The big cities in large part determine the nations direction because the masses vote one way. The big cities are under blue party rule and are disaster zones including Baltimore which isn’t even a big city. Blue party would rather you starve and be cold and broke and depend on them to give out freebies than to allow self sufficient production of energy because it’s against the wacko far lefts demands. So price of fuel goes up, so does food and everything thing else that gets transported by ship, truck, plane or train. Electric vehicles are a catastrophe waiting to happen because of this——
Are batteries for electric cars recyclable?

Currently, the only EV battery material worth recycling is cobalt. That leaves lithium, manganese, and nickel, among a host of other materials that may not be economically recyclable or require additional processing that drives cost.Aug 3, 2022
There’s a sea of grave yards around the world of them because they are TOXIC. Great idea! Push green earth but make the earth toxic. Anyway, if your concerned about pollution, look at a pollution image and you’ll see CHINA AND INDIA don’t give a flying flip about it and the United States has cleared up tremendously. Wait til they hit us with a carbon tax even though we are not the main offenders. Say what you want or disagree or vilify but just several years ago we were energy independent, was the number one exporter of fuel and we paid less than $2 for gas, and everything was MUCH CHEAPER. BS on its Putins fault. We have vast oil here but someone won’t let us produce it anymore. And not one person can dispute that every single disaster big city here in the US IS RAN BY BLUE!!!
No president has say over FED POLICY to print money, blue or red.

Does the President have control of the Fed?

When experts say the Fed is independent, that's mostly because the central bank has the power to raise, lower or maintain interest rates without approval from the legislative or executive branches. This means that there's nothing a president can really do to prevent the Fed from raising rates.Oct 7, 2022
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