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Launched about 11:00 this morning and ran into few friends - talked for about 15 minutes. No real rush - best current would be about 1:00. Ran out to 15 feet and set up for Spot. Decent breeze from north and incoming current - boat swung about 270* in wide arc.

Spot bite was OK - I got about a dozen in 45 minutes plus same number of small Perch. Ran north and found nice marks in 30 feet. Dropped anchor and found my guess on wind vs current was horrible. Studied drift on GPS screen and reset. This time it was better and put over one Spot on slip bobber and free lined one.

The bobber was set 4 arm span pulls - roughly 20 feet. Saw nice marks on meter at that depth and bobber rig got hit. The fish ran really fast - I was thinking Red Drum. They pop up every now / then this time of year. Fish really fought and soon I saw it was a nice Rock around 28 / 29 inches.

Almost to net range and hook pulled free. Damn. Current was now moving and boat was swinging off the area that fish were in. Started to pull in anchor with windlass and about 25 feet from chain - it stopped. Odd , no snag that I know of - bottom is thick mud.

Idled forward about 100 feet east - anchor sure was not hung. Went up to bow and saw plastic piece jammed. The windlass uses a U shape arm to keep rode from going past 5 o clock.

Luckily I carry tools - metric allen wrench removed two screws and this freed up the part.

No photo description available.

Luckily drift was slow - went to pull rode in and it went around gypsy ( wheel ) and formed a loop and jammed tight. MFer. Took about 15 minutes of trying / prying / cussing to get it free.

Shout out to Rock On - dark hull boat. They swung by to see if I needed a hand.

Once free - pull rode in and secured chain to cleat. Feed rode into locker and then let windlass pull chain and anchor up.

With that mess fixed - went back to look for fish. Few trollers were criss crossing area but no hook ups. I drifted across and got a fat 24 incher. Ran back to Sandy Point and once home - looked at old windlass I had. Luckily same part - took about 15 minutes to replace.

No photo description available.

I cut back rode and respliced chain - rode was really beat up from me prying it out. All set for tomorrow - hopefully much better day.
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