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GUYS: wanted to share with you to let you know CROAKER are available. If you are fishing down Solomans way and limit out, heres a good reason to stay on the water.

Also there are keeper rockfish at the CCNPP:

"Walleye" Notes Newsletter

Contact Pete at: 703-395-9955
[email protected]

The flats for now is a bust!!! Unless you want to sling bait, fishing the flats with lures right now is not happening.

I moved back down to Solomons and have done well jigging BKD's ( BassKandydelights.com ) at Calvert Cliffs.

Croakers are in at Solomons! See report!

Great Info

Check out past Stories and Newsletters at:

See all my latest fish pics at:

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I'll be adding more videos soon!!!!!

My daughter Emmah with a nice Striper
What memories are made of!!!!


1- Emmah and dad surveying for early

2-Fishing Report

3- My Current Plan

4 -No current Walk-On Trips/Will be
coming soon!!!

My lure of choice is BKD's, Bass Kandy Delights

Early Season Croaker Trip With Emmah

Since I moved back home after the Susquehanna River monsoon and my kids are on spring break and the weather was beautiful....what the heck...."let's do an overnighter on the boat Emmah". My 8 year old daughter was anxious to make it happen, catch the first Croaker on dad's boat in 2011!

After checking the overnight list of stuff and loading my new Honda 2000 Watt Generator Emmah and I were ready to launch the boat give Croakers a shot. I actually thought this would be a dunk bait with no result but fun night out with my daughter. Heck, we had computer with internet connection, Emmah loves facebooking.....so we facebooked all during our trip. Posted pics of fish as we caught some. Friends and family were able to almost be there with us. Technology is amazing, that's for sure!

Snack, Computer and Beautiful Evening Weather On The Way To
Dunking Some Bloodworms

We ran from Solomons Naval Rec. Center down to Hog Point near the mouth of the Patuxant River. My idea was to anchor up on the down tide side of Hog Point Bar in about 8' of water very close to 14' or so. I really didn't have a clue.....I'm not a Croaker guy but do like to sling an occasional bait! A good sign right away as I neared my target zone was all the shore fisherman at Hog Point on Patuxant River Naval Air Station. Seeing all the shore guys did give me a jolt of confidence. My daughter never had a doubt....she knew she'd be catch'in a fish! I anchored up in 8' of water with a nice outgoing tide. Put the drift sock straight out the back of the boat to help the boat not swing and then baited up 3 rods. Used a single hook with a fishfinder Rig with 1 ounce attached. Placed a good chunk of bloodworm on each and slung them out. I didn't think much would happen right away because it was still very light out. Well, in about 1 minute I saw a rod jiggle a bit and it wasn't the rig dragging the bottom, it was a bite! Didn't get that one but it wasn't long and we hooked up with the first Croaker of the year!

The fight is on in beautiful Seas

A nice 1st Croaker of the year for Emmah and my boat!!!!

SInce I'm planning on doing some night fishing this summer out of Point Lookout I thought I'd try out my new Honda Generator. Once it got dark I hauled the generator to the front of the boat and fired it up. I ran just one 500 watt light just to see how it all looked. One 500 watt light did great!

One 500W light lit the back of the boat up big time!

After dark Emmah was facebooking and I was watching rods and enjoying life.....a rod went off and Emmah ran back to man the stick! To our surprise but definitely not a shock to me, Emmah came up with this one!

Feisty 23"er caught on a bloodworm, Emmah Loved It!!!!!
(fish was hooked in the lip and returned safely)

Emmah and I enjoyed the calm seas and decent bite for a couple of hours. At about 930pm the tide died and so did the bite. We decided to pack it in, go find a nice protected area and watch a movie on the computer inside the cabin. After it was all said and done we caught enough Croakers for a nice dinner for the family. We got a great nights sleep inside the Cabin of my Judge 27 Chesapeake........what a memorable night for Emmah and I.....Life is good!

We had about 20 Croakers up to 15", not big ones but a
great fish fry and start to the Croaker season with my daughter!

If you are waiting for Croakers.....no need to wait anymore.....go get'em!!!!

Fishing Report : 20 Apr 2011/JIgg'in out of Solomons!

The Susqy Flats for me may be done for the season. Not sure yet, haven't canceled all my trips. There are fish at the flats right now. If you want to sling bait, you can catch some aweful big fish. The water is very muddy with visibility down to practically nothing. With that said, cut herring is the ticket. If you anchor up at the mouth of the river near a channel edge chances are you will hook up with some big fish. Lures unfortunately aren't going to be productive for a while. Exactly how long.....no-one knows.

It's sad I can't make it happen at the flats right now. Had to make calls giving folks the option to cancel or fish with me out of Solomons. Some chose to come to Solomons and some didn't. Many of my flats crews are from Phily, Deleware and PA. Changing plans from the flats to Solomons is a bit much for many to chew so canceling some trips has to happen. Some however didn't cancel.

My friend Chuck has many family and friends visit in April to enjoy the great Susqy Flats fishery. Last year and several years in the past Chuck and his crews have had great luck hammering some beauties at the flats. Not this year!!! Other than slinging bait.....catching at the flats is about impossible.

Because of the major flats blowout I had some cancels immediately and moved the boat to Solomons. Chuck had Austin and his Grandpa Buck from Wisconsin in town with high hopes of catching big Stripers. They are "Walleye" guys from Wisconsin. Chuck gave me a call asking for advice on the flats. My advice was get bait or get skunked. I told Chuck I was heading home with the boat and going to fish the bay out of Solomons. He was interested in that option and I was available because of cancels. Chuck and his crew decided to come down Monday, fish with me Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Great choice Chuck! The bite is on, Austin and Grandpa Buck are going to get some bent sticks!!!!!!! ( I hope anyway)

Monday we launched around noon and ran up to Calvert Cliffs. This time of year fish are very mobile, big fish move in and out, small and medium fish are usually there. All the charter boats are out dragging baits, dumb me doesn't do that, I should learn to! Anyway, I'd rather jig up small fish than drag in a big one on a broomstick and so would most of the folks who fish with me. Austin and Grandpa Buck shared that same interest.

As i idled into the flow at Calvert Cliffs my Lowrance Downscan showed me some promise.

Saw plenty of marks near the bottom looking very fishy to me! I'm excited.....i get everybody trained up quick on the technique, in no time flat
Austin is hooked up with a nice fish. Within 1 minute we caught more than we would have at the flats.

Austin with his first Calvert Cliffs jigged up fish!!!! He learned FAST!!!!
1.5 ounce lead head and 6" Purple Glitter BKD with some Chartreuse mixed in

All of monday afternoon and tuesday morning we jigged at the cliffs. We didn't keep count but caught plenty all the while we were out. Since the season is open to keep one over 28" the guys wanted to take home a couple to eat.
It wasn't long on Monday before we had these two nice fish.

Austin and Grandpa Buck with two keepers for the dinner plate!!!!

Everyone caught having a great time. For some reason it seemed like every time a drag was screaming it was Austin's. He caught more big fish than all the guys including me. He did great catching on to the technique needed to make it happen at the rips.

Austin's 34" er.......great fish Austin!!!!!

it's always good to have a good "plan B" when planning fishing trips. Going to Calvert Cliffs is about as good a plan B as you could have. I expect the power plant to keep producing though the month of April and even into early May. As time goes and the fish spawn and leave big fish become very inconsistent at the rips but still very possible. Almost always fish are available to jig up this time of year at the rips.

My Current Plan

I'll be watching water levels up the Susquehanna River paying close attention to water levels. I'm staying at Solomons Island until I know the water is clear enough to catch on lures. That may not happen before the end of the flats season but might, just have to stand by and see....... Right now I'm going out of Solomons and do have a good light tackle bite at the power plant. I'm getting keeper size fish every time out so far. Not only some keeper size fish but lots of action on small and medium Stripers on the light sticks. I'm thinking of making an early trip to the eastern shore looking for Specks and Stripers on shallow structure. With the warm temps we have now I believe it'll be happening over in "heaven on earth" anytime now.

If you have a trip scheduled with me at the flats give me a call or I'll be calling you. Again, don't know when I'll be attempting it there again this year if at all. I hope so.........but not sure what will happen with the flats. If you have any questions give me a call anytime at 703-395-9955.


Currently I don't have any walk-on trips scheduled. I've got regular trips scheduled but don't know which ones will be coming to Solomons or not and the upcoming wind forecast isn't favorable for fishing the western shore out of Solomons. I will probably post some walk-on dates in the next few days. If you would like to give the eastern shore a shot for specks and stripers give me a call......703-395-9955!!!!!!

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