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Fished about two hours Wednesday morning out of Locklies Cr. Man it was cold for May, air 54 water 61. Experimented with bloodworm Fishbite on lower hook and shrimp on top. Caught equally with a small 10" flounder on the shrimp. One fish swallowed both hooks. I use long shank hooks which croakers usually do not swallow,but several did. They must be hungry.Caught most in 20' in front of silos. Others in 14' in mouth of creek. The night before I cast a 1/4 oz jighead with chart curly tail and crab Fishbite into four feet of water off Parrot Island and caught several large croakers. I have not caught them that way before. Does anyone know what fish hatch this time of year. Tuesday night, there were millions of 1/2inch fingerlings in the creek. Crabs and croakers were going crazy. The same thing happened this time last year. By morning, they were all gone.
Marked a few rockfish around the Norris bridge. Put down a live croaker on Carolina rig with no takers. Hoping for warmer weather and calm winds next week.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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