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On Monday, 11/09/15, I met Michael Scrivner, Bud and Tripp Albright, at Sandy Point State Park for an excellent day for catching. The sky was cloudy, the seas were calm, and there was a slight breeze out of the northeast. We cruised northeast to a structure that has been holding some nice striped bass in the 20 to 30 inch class. The current was ebbing and moving swiftly when we arrived. Unfortunately there were no working birds and the sonar unit showed some baitfish with no stripers. We stayed there longer than normal counting on the stripers to show up but it just didn't happen.

We moved south, fished some manmade and natural structures and enjoyed catching plenty striped bass on topwater and throughout the water columns. The current was slowing down so we stopped fishing and enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by my wife the evening before.

Michael, Bud, and his son Tripp
Enjoying the Chesapeake Bay

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After lunch the current started to flood as we moved into the Upper Chesapeake Bay. We were still counting on the first natural structure we had gone to in the morning to produce some nice stripers before the day ended. The catching started happening around 2pm. Michael and Bud were catching striped bass in the 20 inch class on fly rods, while Tripp was jigging them up using a soft plastic bait. Catching went on for the next hour and a half. The largest striper of 24" was caught by Michael.

Fly Fishing Equipment: 9w rod, large arbor spool reel with 350 grain sinking fly line - dark green and chartreuse half and half fly.

Light Tackle Equipment: 6' MH spinning rod with a 2500 series reel - 5 inch chartreuse Bass Assassin lure on a 1 ounce jighead.

Fishing Forecast: The water temperature was 59.6 degrees today. The striped bass should stay around this area for at least another week.
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