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I have to once again thank all of our Sponsors but this time want to highlight our biggest in CAT, Simrad, Greg Poole CAT, Ransome CAT, GPLink, SeaKeeper, and Penn. I'd like to thank ALL the member of the Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Club for putting on once again the best tournament for actually catching fish as the format allows you to fish when the fish are actually biting and without a crowd as it extends for a full week and allows for overnighters. And I'd like to thank Mark and the crew at Clark's Landing Yacht Club in Pt. Pleasant for working with us all year to help us get out time and time again on what is closing in on another season with 100 days in the canyons - having everything at our fingers tips at the dock at Clark's Landing helps us get that done.

Congratulations to ALL the Winners at this year's Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Club Offshore Open Tournament - it's was a blast to fish with, and against, some of the best fisherman out of our own inlet and against some very close friends. All of us at Canyon Runner would like to highlight some great catches by Blue Runner who had us sweating it out up to the last minute, plus the other first place winners include Steve Matthews on the Pepper, Kelly Lynn and Andrea's Toy. Plus again all the other big winners.
And finally, and once again - just WOW is all I can think about with respect to our results and our Team this year. For the second year in a row we backed up a win at the MidAtlantic with a win at the Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Offshore Open. This year in the MRMTC Offshore Open it was a first place win and the ultimate TEAM win.

With their boat unavailable, Capt. Deane Lambros and I decided it would be great to team up with what we feel is by far one of the best tournament crews we've seen in years, Larry Hesse's Going In Deep Team headed up by Capt. Walter Harmstead. Walter jumped on board and brought his crew of Anthony Scardino and Mike Ajamian along and we hoped for the best. I expected either we'd catch nothing or we'd win - no in between with all that talent. Murphy's Law would suggest that too many Cooks in the Kitchen would have made for a salty soup. But both the GID Team and the CR Team worked together like they'd been fishing together for years and they got it done.

Fishing Thursday to Friday last week they put 3 white marlin on the board but didn't place as they didn't catch them quick enough (as the Tra Sea Ann had 3 and caught them faster - good job!). They had a few small yellowfin and a couple longfin but what they needed came on the troll with Capt. Deane Lambros behind of the wheel of the 60' Ritchie Howell "Canyon Runner". With Capt. Deane trolling the secret big-eye hole in the Hudson Canyon (yeah right - obviously the 100 square area) a 70" big-eye ate - WHAT ELSE??? - a red-headed 3oz Joe Shute trolled on the long rigger with a ballyhoo.

Anthony Scardino fought the eventual tournament winner for about an hour and the gaff was sunk. Another nice big-eye was taken on the chunk but that ONLY weighed 189 pounds. The big-eye on the troll ended up tipping the scales at 248 pounds and held on to first place for the tournament and overall top money winner.

As all the boys on the boat will attest this was a huge team effort that extended well beyond the 4 crew members on the boat. Specific shout out goes out to flat out the best boat maintenance and preventative maintenance captain I've ever seen in Capt. Phil Dulanie who worked hard with Capt. Deane and I to get the 60' Canyon Runner ready and keeping it ready to fish while also keeping it boat show ready as well. Once again Capt. Deane and I wanted to make sure Phil gets the recognition he deserves. And while I said this two weeks ago, I must say it again - the best thing I can say about Capt. Deane is he's been the Canyon Runner's secret weapon for several years now - Secret's Out times two!

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